Welcome to Armenian Center
For American Studies

ACAS is a public policy organization based in Armenia. Our mission is to conduct
in-depth research in American Studies to promote Armenian-American agenda.


The ACAS is focused on analyzing US foreign policy with regards to its impact on Armenia. The center aims to conduct rigorous research and provide objective analysis on issues such as diplomatic relations, economic and business ties, security assistance, political agenda etc.

The research center collaborates with experts in the field, including academics, policymakers, and civil society organizations to produce high-quality research output that can inform policymakers and the public. Additionally, the center organizes public events, workshops, and conferences to engage with a wider audience and promote dialogue on US foreign policy and its effects on Armenia.

Ultimately, the research center’s aim is to contribute to a better understanding of US foreign policy and its implications for Armenia, and to provide evidence-based recommendations for policymakers to ensure a more stable and beneficial relationship between the two countries. Armenian Center for American Studies is the first Yerevan based Research Center concentrated on American Studies.

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