The Armenian Center for American Studies is a non-governmental research organization based in Yerevan, Armenia. The center specializes in conducting research and analysis on US foreign policy, particularly in relation to Armenia, the South Caucasus region, Russia, Turkey, and Iran. ACAS aims to provide policy-relevant research and analysis to policymakers, civil society organizations, and the general public. The center is committed to promoting informed discussions and debates on US foreign policy in Armenia and beyond.

US Policy towards Iran

One of our primary research areas is the US policy towards Iran. The Center closely monitors the US-Iran relations and provides insights into the diplomatic, economic, and security dynamics of the relationship. Additionally, we examine the impact of the US sanctions on Iran’s economy and regional influence.

US Policy towards Russia

Another key area of research at ACAS is US policy towards Russia. The center tracks developments in US-Russia relations, providing analysis on issues such as arms control, energy security, and regional conflicts. Likewise, ACAS analyzes the impact of US sanctions on the Russian economy and its geopolitical posture.

US Policy towards Turkey

ACAS also conducts research on US policy towards Turkey, particularly concerning the South Caucasus region. In doing so, the center provides insights into US efforts to promote regional stability and security while assessing the role of external powers such as Russia and Iran. ACAS also analyzes US assistance programs that are aimed at supporting economic and democratic development in Turkey.

US Policy towards Armenia

We conduct in-depth research on the US-Armenian relations, constantly monitoring the developments in the bilateral ties. The Center provides insights into the US efforts to promote democracy, human rights, and economic development in Armenia as well as increasing the awareness of Armenians about the US foreign and domestic policy. Correspondingly, the Center tracks developments over the Nagorno-Karabakh issue, the US involvement in the reconciliation between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

US Policy towards China

The US-China relations are one of the key areas of our research. The Center keeps track of the US-Chinese geopolitical rivalry, trade wars between two countries, all the new projects and initiatives to counter each other’s influence in the world arena. We focus on both unilateral and multilateral efforts of the US including legislative acts introduced in both Chambers of the US Congress to counter China and initiatives/projects that are being launched with the help of like-minded allies and the involvement of China’s neighboring countries. In addition, we examine the impact of the US sanctions on China’s economy and its aspiration for global leadership. 

US Policy towards the South Caucasus

Our main focus is on US policy towards the South Caucasus region, including Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia. The Center provides insights into the US efforts to promote its regional policy, while examining the role of regional powers such as Russia, Iran and Turkey. We also analyze the US assistance programs aimed at supporting economic and democratic development in the South Caucasus at large.