Turkish Financing of the Congressman who Voted against H. Res. 296

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The 6 out of 11 Representatives, who voted against the H. Res. 296, aimed at acknowledgement  of Armenian genocide, are members of Congressional Caucus on U.S.-Turkey Relations and Turkish Americans (total number of members-107). They are-

Susan Brooks- Republican-Indiana 

Larry Bucshon- Republican-Indiana 

Tom Cole- Republican-Oklahoma 

Virginia Foxx- Republican- South Carolina

Andy Harris- Republican Maryland 

Mark Meadows- South Carolina

The other congressman who voted against the resolution are not members of Turkish Caucus:

Jim Baird-Republican-Indiana 

Kevin Brady- Republican- Texas

Greg Pence-Republican-Indiana 

Michael Rogers- Republican-Alabama 

William Thornberry-Republican- Texas

It is not a coincidence, that 4 Congressman who voted against the resolution are from state of Indiana- Susan Brooks, Larry Bucshon, Tom Cole, Greg Pence and Jim Baird. A turkish entrepreneur and megadonor Ersal Ozdemir is also from Indiana and he is the founder of Keystone Group and Indy Eleven Professional Soccer. Those 4 congressman who voted against the resolution were financed by Ersal Ozdemir and his wife- Izabella Ozdemir, particularly

Larry Bucshon- $7500

Susan Brooks- $11827

Greg Pence- $7734

Jim Baird- $500

Ersal Ozdemir, besides financing individual candidates, has also financed Indiana Republican State Committee in the amount of $18 thousand. 

Besides, some of the 11 congressman who voted against the resolution were financed by turkish PACs. Pac is a political committee whose aim is to raise money for financing or defeating other candidates. The most active and well-known turkish PACs are Turkish Coalition USA PAC  (TC-USA PAC), Turkish Coalition Northeast PAC (TC-NE PAC), Turkish Coalition California PAC (TC-CAL PAC), Turkish Coalition Midwest PAC (TC-Midwest PAC, the committee treasurer of the letter was the above mentioned Ersal Ozdemir), National Turkey Federation PAC (TURPA). These PACs are largely financed by Turkey and Tukish community in the USA. This money is later transferred to their favorite congressional candidates. 


Jim Baird- $2500, National Turkey Federation PAC,

Larry Bucshon- $2500, National Turkey Federation PAC,

Virginia Foxx-$10,500- Turkish Coalition USA PAC», Turkish Coalition Northeast PAC,

Tom Cole- $500.00-Turkish Coalition USA PAC,

Greg Pence- $500-Turkish Coalition Midwest PAC